Online scheduling system for emergency room physicians

  • Simplify schedule creation and schedule management
  • Highly adaptable to a wide variety of schedules
  • Automation of the schedule from beginning to end
  • Access to the master schedule online and from mobile apps
  • Trading and splitting of shifts
  • Tracking of vacations, requests, and working hours
  • Generation of accurate payroll information
  • Extensive reporting and summary statistics
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DBI pureFeat™ Performance Suite for IBM® DB2® LUW

Brother-Panther - Database Performance Analytics, Tuning, & Trending Solution

  • Finds and fixes issues related to performance
  • Provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management
  • Knows what changed, when it changed, and how the changes impacted performance
  • Provides comprehensive history combined with rich analysis of performance trends

Brother-Thoroughbred - Response Time Analysis & SLA Attainment Solution

  • Allows for monitoring of all transaction times, time distributions, and SLAs
  • Detects whether the performance issue is inside of the database or within external applications
  • Provides industry breakthrough database measurements for transaction times
  • Determines the resource bottlenecks (CPU, I/O, Locks, Sorts) and rapidly resolves any inefficiencies

Brother-Hawk - Advanced Lights-Out Alerting Solution

  • Monitors your databases 24x7 and alerts you to performance issues
  • Provides customizable alerts to users in a variety of ways (email, traps, SNMP, etc.)
  • Integrates alert management into the DBI Admin Console and the DBI Repository
  • Extends DB2 LUW database performance monitoring functions to include three levels of customization

Brother-Eagle - Real-Time Monitoring Solution

  • Provides real time information as to the health of the database
  • Searches for opportunities that warrant in-depth attention, and summarizes the performance characteristics in a graphical view
  • Finds database problems, poor performance, or inefficiencies anywhere in the IT organization
  • Customizable to suit user preferences and can be further customized by the user to add additional performance metrics
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Online or installable survey software

  • Create surveys for all purposes
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Safe and secure using strong encryption
  • Over 100 question type variations
  • Extensive logic for skipping and branching
  • Powerful email invitation engine
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with built in statistics
  • Total branding with your logo and colors
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Online or installable assessment software

  • Create tests and assessments of all kinds
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Create scores by assigning points to each answers
  • Create multiple scores either fixed or percentage
  • Add score interpretations for each level
  • Add sections and table of contents
  • Create timers for each section
  • Total branding with your logo and colors
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