Online Survey Software
Survey Software
Novi Survey is an advanced and easy to use web survey software application that can be installed in-house or used online to conduct advanced online surveys and assessments. The survey application comes with an extensive feature set that allows for the easy creation of advanced online surveys to gather feedback from your employees, customers, subscribers, etc. The online surveys can be taken in any language and can include more than 75 question variations. The survey tool comes preloaded with sample templates and allows for extensive page-conditional logic, a customizable look and feel, robust user security management, advanced survey reporting, and a survey portal.
Emergency Room Scheduling Software
Physician Scheduling Software
ByteBloc Software was founded over two decades ago by an emergency physician to help other emergency medicine physicians and providers with their emergency rooms schedules. The software is tailored specifically to meet the many and complex facets of scheduling the work for emergency providers and clinicians. The software can be accessed online and through mobile apps at any time and supports viewing an up to date master schedule, entering time off requests, trading shifts, payroll reporting, and much more. ByteBloc software has been implemented by emergency rooms in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and several other countries.