Process : how we work

Through our exclusive focus on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, 3rd Millennium has completed a considerable array of systems which support the use of large-scale biological discovery technologies (e.g. gene expression, proteomic, and sequencing). Our knowledge of the domains and technologies critical to the life sciences (first hand through the specification and development of systems, as well as through ongoing investment in the skill and know-how of our people) enable us to provide our clients with software that drives research.

The Teams

Our teams of professionals collaborate closely with our clients to identify and provide advanced bioinformatics systems that reflect and support their research and business needs. In addition to understanding the importance of the systems we build for our clients relative to their research objective, we also are fully aware of the confidentiality and ownership issues related to the information systems our clients invest in. We take great care to bring to each client the full benefit of 3rd Millennium's know-how, tools, and resources without ever compromising the critical assets of a client. From the start of any client relationship we move quickly to determine which of our full line of services will help them reach their objectives most quickly and effectively.

Depending on the project, our teams consist of the right combination of scientists with deep information systems expertise and software engineers with considerable domain experience. Our team members work collaboratively with our clients throughout the project where learning goes both ways. We work hard to ensure that the software we specify and/or develop matches the needs and work styles of the client organization and the different groups within the organization who will use the system.

The Projects

Projects vary in terms of scope, technologies, duration and urgency --although in most cases clients are on a very fast track. Through a consulting approach, we are very effective at identifying all needs and tradeoffs quickly and at an early stage of the project. This is a difficult task, requiring much experience and skill, but is a critical first step in delivering systems that truly meet our client's needs. We take responsibility for determining and documenting the scientific and computational needs of our clients and the prioritization of those needs. Our ability to do this is essential in ensuring that the resulting systems do exactly what our clients need, and that they are implemented on time and on budget.

Intelligent phasing, meaningful schedules, and constant client interaction and feedback are critical to delivering successful systems. Based on our experience, we know that our commitment to these activities is a significant reason we have established a track record of providing systems that optimally address the full range of our client's needs and are really used. The objective is always to make sure that the project stays on track while meeting both the client's scientific requirements and rollout constraints. For the systems we develop, we make sure to account for their ongoing support, either by our clients (though extensive documentation and training) or by 3rd Millennium, so that these systems will continue to grow and adapt as our clients' organizations evolve.

The Solutions

At 3rd Millennium, we do not believe clients face an either/or alternative when choosing between off-the-shelf products versus custom solutions. We work in an industry with a great variety of powerful software and computing systems. Ours is not a "one size fits all" approach. We use a combination of off-the-shelf products, public domain software, and tailor made solutions depending on each client's needs --helping bridge the gap between what scientists are trying to do and what exists in the world of off-the-shelf software. By bringing together best-of-breed tools, applications, and foundation technologies, we are able to design and implement systems specific to the needs of each client.

We owe our ability to deliver the solutions most appropriate to each client to our outstanding, domain-expert employees. As a company and as individuals, we focus on maintaining exceptional domain and computer systems expertise. The company is founded and run by experienced life science and computer science professionals. 3rd Millennium's technical staff is comprised of Ph.D. level scientists with expertise in biology, bioinformatics, and related fields, and high-level software engineers with considerable life science experience. We devote considerable time and resources to maintain fluency in the laboratory technologies and software used by our clients along with the emerging information technologies that enable bioinformatics to move forward swiftly. Our approach is based on the premise that the essential starting point is to understand what our clients are trying to achieve scientifically. We then integrate the computer scientist's point of view to determine the options for delivering information systems to achieve these scientific objectives.

Project phases